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10 Ways to Start Your Relaxation In Pregnancy

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

1. Take a deep cleansing breath and let the good oxygen and all the good vibes in the air in. Then blow out all the dark thoughts and negativity. Repeat a few times with your eyes open, then with your eyes closed.

2. Sit on a comfortable chair or couch with your feet up. Close your eyes . Breath in to the count of ten. Breath out to the count of ten. Listen to your breath as it goes in and out.

3. Sip a tropical tea with honey, and listen to relaxing music. Feel your muscles lose it's tension.

4. Create tension in your arms by clenching your fist, then leaving go feel your arm relax. Do this with your hands, arms legs and face. Then let it all relax. Breath a cleansing breath.

5. Now you are ready for the "creative visualization" technique. Visualize your happy place, the beach, forest ......, Close your eyes and imagine being there.

6. Give yourself a hand massage. Slowly massage your wrist, your hand and work your way up to all your fingers. breath slowly in and out as you massage your whole hand.

7. Sit on an exercise ball and slowly sway back and forth to slow music, Keep breathing!

8. Slowly roll your head in one direction then roll it in the other direction. Roll you shoulders forward then back.

9. Take a walk and notice the nature around you.

10. Lastly , keep a gratitude journal of one thing you are grateful for each day.

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