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How a small decision can turn your life around

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

You are pregnant and chose a Dr. or Midwife that agrees with your idea of how your birth of your baby should be. Now is the time to choose a doula who can be with you while you are in labor. Your doula can give you relaxation techniques before you go into labor. Your doula can give you the extra love and that extra hand that you may need during labor. She may be the one that brings you the ice chips, give you the massages, teaches you different moves and positions and makes you as comfortable as you can be during your labor. She can be there to breath with you if you choose not to have any analgesia or to keep you in a good position to bring the baby down if you do. She can give you tips on how to breath during labor so you can relax and have the baby without an epidural . She is also there to hold your hand during a c-section if that is required. When you have a doula you can choose to have the most beautiful birth.

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